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We are cleaning house, so to speak!  Check out items from our showroom that are on clearance.  

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As we close 2018, we wish everyone a healthy and happy 2019! 

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I think it is true that we humans connect over “things”.  As much as we don’t want to admit that inanimate commercial goods are important to us, they are essential to so many of our memories.

Over the years we have heard beautiful reminisces and reflections of crystal chandeliers past, and I have seen how they play a large part in our connections to each other.

Once upon a time, a young man in his early 20’s, fresh out of college, placed a chandelier on lay-away.  His grandmother had passed away a few years before, and he always associated a chandelier with memories of her.  He asked for us to make one similar to hers – which we lovingly did.  I think he is the youngest customer we have had and I'll never forget his enthusiasm.

Recently I reunited with a college room-mate who was very dear to me. Her sweet mother had recently passed away, and my friend had the chandelier from her childhood home which she was hoping to have restored and prepared for storage.  It is a gorgeous chandelier – well-made and impeccably maintained. We reconnected over the chandelier – me remembering her mother’s beautiful home while she told me about their last time spent under the chandelier at a family gathering.   My friend has her own chandelier (inspired by her mother’s love of her own), but this chandelier will be packed for her own daughter’s use when the time comes.

So many of our customers are 2nd and even 3rd generation of King’s Chandelier owners.  We take great pride in this and love knowing that family traditions include us and that family photos may include just a bit of our creations.  Precious memories of fun times and holiday gatherings will be lit by our light.

From Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day is the time to make those lasting memories.  And, if you happened to make those under a King’s Chandelier, we’d love you to tag your photos or even send them to us ( so we may share in those experiences. 

Much love to everyone and we wish you a joyous holiday season!


Lamp Repair - We do it! 0

If you follow our facebook and Instagram pages, you know that we love to repair lamps.  Why throw out your old lamp just because it doesn't work?  Never do that!

Most lamps are pretty uncomplicated, and it is quite easy to change out the wire or the socket, or both in order to make them safe for use.

Make your single way lamp into a 3 way lamp simply by changing the socket, but make sure to stay true to the original wattage limits.  Most frequently these are due to the type and size of the shade that is on the fixture. 

Sockets switches can be turn knobs, keys, push thrus, and even pull chain.  Whatever suits you.

Change the location of your switch.  Switches don't have to be on the socket.  Rotary switches and step on switches can be placed on cords.  And, speaking of cords, they can be made shorter or longer to blend in with their surroundings.  

A good lamp repair store will have options to replace many types of lamp bases and will clean your lamp inside and out as needed. 

A new shade will always spruce up an old lamp, and if you can't find the right size, consider switch the harp out to one that will accommodate the size of shade that is available to you. 

Adding a new lamp finial is the perfect way to crown your newly refurbished lamp. Or add your own personality to an otherwise boring lamp by choosing a fun lamp finial.  Which brings me to the reason for today's blog.... we are adding lamp finials to our web site!  Yay!  (My fave is the pineapple lamp finial!)



Happy Thanksgiving! 0

Now that your chandelier is clean and you have your menu set, we hope you can take a little breather and enjoy a few quiet minutes to reflect on all for which you are thankful.

We are doing just that.

We truly have the best customers.  You are patient with us when we are slow, and excited when we are ahead of schedule. You show such wonderful enthusiasm for our product and our knowledge... I don't think all companies get to experience that. You invite us into your homes (both literally and figuratively) and share your family heirlooms and stories.  It is hard to express how appreciative we are.

We are so thankful for each and every one of you! 

- Nancy, Tim, Brenda and Richie

Chandelier Cleaning Time is Here! 0

Yep - it comes in between Halloween and Thanksgiving - time to spruce up the house, polish the silver, get out the good china, and of course, clean the chandelier.  The Holidays are coming!

Some may say all of that sounds like a lot of trouble in this fast paced, disposable world.  But, we think a beautiful table, a great meal prepared with love and fellowship, and a house filled with the people that are most important to us, is truly a blessing. 

And, a clean, sparkly chandelier just adds joy to any occasion.  

If you have questions about cleaning your chandelier, contact us or email us at  

Our best cleaning advice is here.

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