FAQ - How high to hang a chandelier in a dining room.


This is by far the most common question that we get: How far from the table should my chandelier hang? You see various answers to this question.The best answer: anywhere from 30" to 40" off the table is "best" - it just depends upon your room and furniture as to exactly what the number should be. 

(The "number" is the bottom of the lowest point of the chandelier - most frequently the bottom of the crystal ball.)

Most commonly, people hang chandeliers 30" to 35" off the table top. The biggest reason to alter this is either a really tall ceiling or a longer chandelier. My grandmother had hers less than 28" off the table and she was perfectly happy with it, so there really is no "right" answer.  

Generally, the higher the ceiling and the larger the room, the further from the table the chandelier should be. This concept keeps a large room flowing - and helps contribute to a grander feel.  On the other hand, bringing the chandelier lower may help a larger dining room seem more intimate.

In a ceiling that is 8' tall, most people hover around 30 or 32" off the table. 

Keep in mind that this is your room, and you can hang your chandelier wherever you think it looks best!

How low should my chandelier hang?

When in doubt about exactly where you want yours to hang, consider installing the chandelier at the lowest point that you may want it to hang. Then, carefully (very, very carefully) raise it up, link by link, until you get it where you want it.  If you like, you can do this before adding all of the hanging crystal so that the chandelier won't be quite as heavy.  But, do hang the ball on the bottom so that you can see where the lowest point will be. It is easier to take away chain and wire than it is to add it. Once you cut the wire, the entire length needs to be replaced to make it longer.

One last note: Don't let your dislike of chain limit you in this decision.  Once your light is up, you won't notice chain as much as you think you will.  It is a perfectly normal part of the light. If you really don't like the look of the chain, there are many variations of chain covers, including here, that can be purchased.  Get one that you can remove and clean as necessary.  

If you have more specific questions or want to get our opinions on your room, you can email us at crystal@chandelier.com or leave a comment for us. 

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