Due to the occasional unavailability of imported pieces, we sometimes find it necessary to substitute component pieces. If we must do this, the substitutions will be of equal or greater quality.

What is the warranty?

It is important to us that you love your purchase. We are confident that we have no unsatisfied customers and to that end, we offer the following guarantee and warranty:

All of our chandeliers, sconces, and candelabra are guaranteed for one year after receipt against defects in our materials and workmanship. King’s will repair or replace defective components or products.

If any parts are damaged in shipping, we will replace those component pieces.

Our light fixtures are Certified by UL for Dry Location. Sockets are identified with the maximum allowable wattage. Never use higher wattage that indicated as safe on any light fixture. 

We cannot be responsible for the following:

  • Damage caused by improper cleaning solutions or methods.
  • Damage caused by improper installation or assembly by the customer or the customer’s agent.
  • Damage to our light fixtures, parts of our light fixtures, or shades caused by the improper use of light bulbs. 
  • Damage caused by exposure to weather or improper environment.
  • Deterioration, discoloration or disconnection of pinning between crystal-trimming pieces nor any damage said may cause.
  • Changes in the appearance of the hand rubbed finishes or un-lacquered finishes. These are meant to age in appearance.
  • Any costs of installation, removal, or re-installation.
  • Any special clearance items sold "as-is".
  • Restoration or repair work.
  • Any parts purchased separate from our light fixtures.
  • If you have any concerns regarding the above warranty, please contact us at (336) 623-6188. 

    How do I maintain my fixture?

    We hope that you will keep your chandelier with you as you move and grow or even downsize. And, when the time comes, we are sure that the next generation will cherish it as an heirloom. As our customers make these life changes, we are here to offer advice on packing, storing, or moving their crystal chandelier, and, if in the process, something breaks or goes missing, we can provide a matching piece. For more catastrophic misfortunes, our Restoration Department can help.

    In the intervening years, you should clean your chandelier every one or two years. Your crystal chandelier won’t be maintenance free, but you will clean it less frequently than you clean your windows, and the process isn’t nearly as messy as cleaning silver!

    Do I have to assemble my chandelier?

    Our light fixtures are packed partially disassembled in order to ensure safe shipping. Instructions come with the fixtures, but below, we offer a quick overview of what you can expect.

    Some of our chandeliers, such as our tier models, are shipped assembled with the hanging crystal ready to be placed onto the chandelier after installation. Most of our Victorian Gas Light Reproductions chandeliers require a simple pipe to body assembly with the hanging crystal and shades ready to be placed onto the chandelier after installation.

    The crystal-armed chandeliers are shipped with the arms separate from the stem of the fixture. These chandeliers should be assembled at installation, with the stem being placed onto the chain and canopy before inserting the arms. After the chandelier is assembled and electrical connections are verified, the trimmings can be placed on the fixture.   We strongly advise that you do not assemble the chandelier prior to hanging the stem!

    We hope we have made this as simple a process as possible, but if you require assistance, please give us a call.

    Who can install my fixture?

    Make sure to read the assembly information listed above.  The assembly and installation of the chandelier is quite simple; however, you should always hire a qualified electrician for electrical work. If you are close to our location, many members of our production team can give you a quote for assembly and installation. Small chandeliers may be picked up from our factory, assembled.

    What is included with my fixture?

    All chandeliers are shipped with ceiling hardware (chain, ceiling plate, crossbar, and screw loop), wire nuts and one foot of chain. More chain is available for $6 per foot for 8 gauge, $10 per foot for 4 gauge.

    Do I have options for mounting the chandeliers?

    • Chandelier Length: The listed length for each chandelier is approximate and, due to the nature of blown materials, may vary by an inch or two. We measure from the top of the stem to the very bottom of the ball or pendant. If you are working with a tight fit, please mention to us what you need - in most cases we can shorten the chandelier to your specifications. Chandeliers can be lengthened as well. 

    • Chain: All of our chandeliers are made to hang by chain - please note that this chain is not shown on the chandeliers in the product photos nor is it included in the measurements. One foot of chain comes with each chandelier, but you can order as much or as little as you need. With additional chain, we ensure that the main wire from the chandelier and the grounding wire have a corresponding length. If you are unsure of how much you need, see What Size is right for Me or contact us for assistance. The smallest amount of chain that can be used is 1 link. This link, combined with the ceiling hardware, has a total length of 4".

    • Flush Mount: Some of our chandeliers can be made to be flush mounted. Most of the Victorian Reproductions, the Melanie, and the Coventry can be made for flush mount with the top plate of the chandelier directly against the ceiling. If you desire flush mounting, please contact us to place your order.

    • Pipe to the ceiling: For a very authentic look, particularly on the Victorian Reproductions, many clients request that the chandeliers be made with a pipe to the ceiling instead of a chain. If you desire this look, please contact us to place your order. You will need to know exactly how far from ceiling the chandelier plus hardware should hang.  A word about pipe and flush mounting .. Although it looks authentic, this type of mounting for a chandelier can be difficult. Your chandelier will have NO give - you will not be able to move it at all, so extra care must be given when cleaning or changing bulbs.

    • Ceiling Hardware:  Your chandelier comes with a screw loop, cross bar, and a 5" diameter drop canopy plus desired chain. Unless you request otherwise, the finish for your ceiling hardware is the same as your chandelier.

    What are the metal finishes?

    Our all crystal fixtures (crystal arms, crystal stem) are available with the few metal parts in a nickel finish or a slightly polished brass finish. See Brass vs. Nickel for photos. The price is the same. The metal is plated steel or brass, dependent upon the piece.

    The Victorian gas light reproductions are crafted of solid brass. The finish is a satin brass that is polished and lacquered by hand for an authentic look. The same is true for the Coventry, the Annie, the Chelsea, and the Oliver.

    The tier models (H-44, H-11, Strass 5, etc.) are crafted of solid brass but are available with a nickel plate. So are the Melanie and the Ashley.

    What kind of light bulbs can I use?

    As indicated, light fixtures have either candelabra sockets or standard sockets. In both cases, we recommend a chandelier, torpedo shaped light bulb. Maximum recommended wattage is 40 watts per socket, though some of the fixtures are approved for 60 watts. All of our fixtures can be used with LED bulbs. 

    The appropriate bulbs are readily available in all types of stores. We may send, with your fixture, a petit sized bulb that is more difficult to find. We simply like the looks of the smaller bulbs. If you prefer them, but are unable to locate them, call us for information, but please know that the larger bulbs with the same base will work in your fixture. 

    What is the crystal quality?

    Trimmings: Which crystal trimmings are right for you? Your choice may depend upon many things, including your taste, your budget, and your décor.

    The crystal trimmings on our Signature Collection are comprised of highly refractive and brilliant crystals.  If you would like a sample, please contact us. 

    Our section of Classic chandeliers are a mixture of mostly European with a few Asian crystals. These crystals have a lower refractive quality and seem more like an antique. Perfect for those who want their chandelier to feel original to an old house.

    We have tried to offer a complete cross-section of choices, but if you would like to change the trimmings on a chandelier, please call us for a quote. Please note that not all qualities are available in every shape.

    Most of the shapes on the Victorian Reproductions are available in the Classic trimmings only.

    Chandelier Frame: The chandeliers, candelabra, and sconces referred to as "all crystal" have a crystal frame, including blown crystal arms through which the wire runs. Most of these pieces are made of blown, European crystal components, though occasionally a molded piece of crystal may be used.