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Custom 144/8 0

Beautiful photos from a customer in Tennessee.  She envisioned the way the light would reflect and the crystals would refract - and it is glorious!  

This is a custom version of our chandelier 144/8.  Check out this short video.  

  • Nancy Daniel

Photos from Texas 0

The Mildred Inn in Mason, Texas has opened!  Read more about this historic restoration, maybe take a little vacation, and admire our chandeliers while you are there.  

Alexandria chandelier

Annie Chandelier


Berkeley 6

Berkeley 6




Whitaker 4B


The Mildred Inn

  • Nancy Daniel

DO NOT Cover your installed chandelier! Unless... 0

What is the best way to cover your chandelier while finish work is happening around it?  

If you have to cover a light fixture, disconnect the power first!!  Remove the light bulbs, tape the light switches to the off position, disconnect the wires and put wire nuts on the ends, and turn off the breaker.  Sounds like over kill, but we've heard enough stories over the years (and I heard a new one this morning) to know that folks will try their darndest to turn lights on without thinking about what may be covered.  And, if they succeed, the end result will probably be a fire in your home.  

Whether plastic, paper, or cloth is touching a lit light bulb, it will cause a fire quicker than you would think.  We've repaired numerous light fixtures for customers that were trying to keep sanding dust out of their chandelier and they had a fire.  Some folks had severe damage to their homes.

So, if you have already installed a fixture and want to protect it, the best way is to remove it, seal the wires from the ceiling with wire nuts, and store it away.  If you can't do that, then cut the power to the fixture in all of the ways mentioned above before you cover it. 

From personal experience, I can tell you that dust will find a way.  Sanding dust is the worst and will get through and around any barrier you put up. If you have just purchased a chandelier, we always recommend that you wait until your build or reno is completely finished before installing your new chandelier.  

 Always be safe!


  • Nancy Daniel
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A quick word about Swarovski 0

In 2020, Swarovski AG announced that they would no longer be manufacturing lighting components.  And, while we were extremely disappointed (and flummoxed) by this business decision, we have "moved on", as they say.

We have replaced Swarovski crystal with Asfour crystal which is just as beautiful and a bit heavier than the Swarovski Strass crystal that we used on our Signature line for decades. We are very pleased with the results.

As a matter of fact, a customer here in NC who has several of our Strass chandeliers just received a Raleigh chandelier trimmed in the new crystal. Upon installation, she sent me a text:  "the chandelier is just beautiful, it's perfect!!!"  This Raleigh is hanging within site of a Raleigh with Swarovski and she sees no difference.  

The biggest upside of this shift is that the prices on our Signature line are lower than they were when these fixtures were trimmed in Swarovski.  If you are a repeat customer, you will notice this and notice the lack of reference to Swarovski.  If you are a past customer and need some replacement pieces of Swarovski, please contact us.

- Nancy

Our Beautiful Berkeley Series 0

Classic, yet understated with a modern feel, our Berkeley series fits into many current decorating styles.  All versions of this chandelier have a well-balanced frame with beautiful ribbed arms. 

My favorite version is this 22" wide, 12 light.  The Berkeley 12S has 6 lower lights and 6 upper lights and is shown in this photo with polished nickel details which give it a very crisp look .  I love the little, final crystal piece on the bottom (we call it a crystal donut). 

Berkeley 12S

Very similar to the Berkeley 12S is the Berkeley 6.  The 6 design has the same structural pieces, with only 6 arms one level. Below, it is shown with the brass metal details, and that brass adds a bit of warmth to the fixture.  Made as shown, the Berkeley 6 has been one of the most popular choices this winter.

Berkeley 6

We have, in our line, a larger version called the Madison.  The Madison is 32" wide.  Our customers frequently look to this chandelier with added prisms as a simple alternative for a large room.  Call us for numerous ideas or give us your vision of how it could look.

Chandelier Cleaning Time! 0

It is that time of year again... time to get those chandeliers and sconces sparkling for the holidays.  

What do you need to know before you start?  Some best practices here.

How do you clean a chandelier?  Check out our best advice!

Having trouble figuring out the placement of crystal?  Click here.

Want to replace your candle covers?  Read this post for more info.

 Enjoy your shiny and clean fixtures and Happy Holidays!