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Heat, lights, more heat! 0

What do you do when you have 4,000 square feet of lights and it is 100 degrees outside? Sweat!  Time to switch all of the showroom bulbs to LEDs, I think. But, it sure is sparkly around here.  

How to Measure a Chandelier – Easy Guidelines 0

We get more than a few questions asking how we measure our chandeliers. What exactly does the listed length (height) of a chandelier include? How do you measure the width? Simply put, the listed length is from the point that the chain attaches at the top of the chandelier to the lowest point on the … Continue reading How to Measure a Chandelier – Easy Guidelines

New Lighting Magazine 0

Looking for inspiration? Or, perhaps you need some technical advice? If so, we have some great news for you: the annual Lighting magazine from the good folks at Better Homes and Gardens (in conjunction with the American Lighting Association) is on the stands! But, even better news, you can stop by a member showroom (like … Continue reading New Lighting Magazine

Our Kingly King 0

Simply put, we think this is the most beautiful chandelier in existence. So, of course, we named it the King. Thus named because it is the Crown of our collection. Or, you could even say it is named after us – King’s Chandelier Company. In the olden days we called this the 12+6, but that … Continue reading Our Kingly King

Pollen-be-gone! or, How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier 0

The pollen is slowly dwindling around here, so things can actually be cleaned. Alex is busy in the showroom removing the yellow-green dust from all of the lights. For your guide to cleaning a chandelier, go here: Clean If you don’t want to clean your chandelier yourself, check your yellow pages or Angie’s List for … Continue reading Pollen-be-gone! or, How to Clean Your Crystal Chandelier

If you like old homes.. 0

If you like old homes, you will appreciate this one in the same we we do.  I believe the date of construction was 1851, and the wood work is by Thomas Day. He home owners were kind enough to invite me into this home and allow me to take photos. When the restoration of the beautiful … Continue reading If you like old homes..