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How is everyone? 0

We hope everyone is staying healthy!  Here in Eden NC, we are all doing okay... working away to get you your beautiful lights or the parts you need.  We've added more of our antique parts to the site and are hoping to add more this weekend, so stay tuned!  

A past customer sent us a lovely photo this week of a chandelier that they received as a wedding gift in 1978.  It is one of my favorites - The Small Tryon.  

Tryon chandelier

Mr. King created this chandelier in the 1940s and named it for the Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina. (When the world returns to normal, fans of Diana Gabaldon should take their Outlander tour.)

Unfortunately, the beautiful German wood-polished almonds that characterized the Tryon of all sizes are no longer available so we have removed the Tryon from our line of chandeliers.  However, a variation of it is available in the Bedford:

We can duplicate the structure of the Tryon for anyone interested in a Georgian style chandelier.  We have many alternative crystals for trimming.

As always, feel free to contact us for any custom chandelier creations!

Where does the crystal hang? 2

We are still noticing an upswing in parts related questions and chandelier cleaning related questions.  I'm guessing many of you are unhappily furloughed from jobs or simply home-bound due to cancellations and are tackling some tasks around the house.

I've made a few posts about cleaning and safety which you can access from the tags to your right.  I haven't addressed how to figure out where everything hangs once you have it clean.

First things first... or, maybe I should say for next time.... take a photo of the chandelier before you start removing crystal. I know we all THINK we will remember where it goes, but trust me, you probably won't. 

So, let's assume you have a pile of crystal in front of you and a bare chandelier with no idea what to do. 

  1. Separate the types of prisms/pendants.  Even if some have 1 button on top and others have 2 buttons on top, sort them separately.
  2. Intact strands of crystal should be compared to each other and same length should be laid side to side, untangled, so you can see that they are all the same length.  Place bits and pieces aside for the moment.
  3. Save any loose pins that may have fallen out of the crystal.
  4. Set aside any other loose pieces or pulled apart pieces.

Okay... so that takes care of the sorting.  Now turn your attention to the frame of your chandelier.  I find it easiest to sketch it out.  I can't draw, so mine are laughable, but helpful.  

These numbers give me quite a bit of info.

If you have strands, they will match the number of arms.  If they are coming from the stem, then they will come from the 2nd bobeche where there are 8 pins, not the top where there are 12 pins.  Look at where the loops are on the arm, under the bobeche.  One center loop means those strands probably stretch from the front of that arm to front of the next.  No loop on the arm means they probably connect to the bobeche on the arm itself.  

If I have 12 of one type of crystal, they probably go on the top.  5 of a different would go on the bottom.  Just start matching crystal counts to the number of pins.  It is a puzzle, but you will figure it out eventually.  As you start to populate the chandelier, you will be able to complete the bits and pieces.

If it is one of ours, you can send us a photo and we can guide you.  If not, just web search crystal chandeliers and look at the images shown for ideas.

Some chandeliers, most particularly the metal cage framed chandeliers, are a bit more difficult to figure out.  But, work on levels for your counts.  Usually, each level of the chandelier will have one style of crystal.  

These are not the best of times, and we wish everyone health and comfort.  Keep sending your questions... our response time may be a bit slower, but we will answer.

Adjusted hours 0

We hope everyone is staying well, staying in, and following recommendations.  We have, temporarily, adjusted our shop/store hours to Monday-Friday 10-3.  We may be here at other times or by appointment.  

We are shipping without delays (with sanitized hands and tools).  


Pre-Chandelier Cleaning Check List 1

Judging by the questions and orders that are coming in, many of you are being quite productive during this trying time at home and are cleaning your chandeliers and sconces.

You can find our cleaning instructions on this website.

Before you begin cleaning, however, there are a few safe guards you should take.

  • Most importantly, if you can, make sure that the screw loop in your ceiling connection is tight.  These can loosen over the years, particularly if the chandelier is turned for cleaning and bulb changing.  Turn to the right to tighten (righty tighty, lefty loosey). 
  • Turn off the fixture - many of us have scars to prove how hot incandescent light bulbs can get.
  • Place a padding of some type on the surface beneath the chandelier.  (Moving quilts or comforters work great.  If they are on the floor, take care to spread them out well and don't trip.) It will protect that surface and offer a measure of protection to whatever is falling.  You may end up with only  one damaged prism, but sometimes that old prism is no longer available for purchase.
  • Verify that the bottom of your chandelier and the connecting ball are securely in place. If you decide to remove the bottom of the chandelier, read this first. This process is a little bit tricky, so be careful!  
  • Practice ladder safety...the spreaders should be firmly secure and the ladder feet should be flat on your floor. If you move your ladder once you have started cleaning, make sure to remove tools or items from the shelf and top.

You can find more tips and cleaning advice on our blog 


Custom Chandelier in Nashville 0

We love it when our customers are creative!  With some inspiration from our Ice Palace chandelier, this couple designed the perfect crystal chandelier for their lovely, Nashville home.  

custom chandelier in dining room

custom chandelier with Swarovski

We'd love to help you design that perfect light!  Call us at 336-623-6188 or email us at 

Stay Healthy and Call Us! 0

I'm not bombarding everyone's inbox with an email regarding our response to COVID-19... I figure if you want to know what we are doing, you will check in with us. 

As long as our community is not in quarantine and we all remain healthy and unexposed, the shop will remain open. Monday through Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 10-2. We do not expect any delays in ordering time - we are stocked and able to produce. If anything changes, I will post it on our web site and social media.

We are a small business that considers staff and customers as family, and we are committed to keeping everyone safe and and every surface sanitized. The majority of our business is conducted via phone and email so we feel safe in operating with our small staff maintaining all recommended precautions.  We've all worked together for years, even decades, and long ago learned the healthful importance of maintaining private work spaces and tools.

We pray that you all remain healthy, listen to the experts, help one another, and call your elderly family every day as this is most isolating for them.  Don't forget to find the joy and sparkle in your day!

& Happy St. Patrick's Day!