Light Conversation — A Message from Us


A quick word about Swarovski 0

In 2020, Swarovski AG announced that they would no longer be manufacturing lighting components.  And, while we were extremely disappointed (and flummoxed) by this business decision, we have "moved on", as they say.

We have replaced Swarovski crystal with Asfour crystal which is just as beautiful and a bit heavier than the Swarovski Strass crystal that we used on our Signature line for decades. We are very pleased with the results.

As a matter of fact, a customer here in NC who has several of our Strass chandeliers just received a Raleigh chandelier trimmed in the new crystal. Upon installation, she sent me a text:  "the chandelier is just beautiful, it's perfect!!!"  This Raleigh is hanging within site of a Raleigh with Swarovski and she sees no difference.  

The biggest upside of this shift is that the prices on our Signature line are lower than they were when these fixtures were trimmed in Swarovski.  If you are a repeat customer, you will notice this and notice the lack of reference to Swarovski.  If you are a past customer and need some replacement pieces of Swarovski, please contact us.

- Nancy

Back in full swing! 0

After a few weeks of reduced hours due to our Covid response, we are now back to our original hours of Monday through Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.  Our showroom in large enough that we are certain everyone can maintain more than an appropriate distance from each other.  

We are continuing to deliver on time and have had no delays in fulfillment!  Just let us know how we can help you with your home projects.  

We hope everyone is staying healthy and in good spirits! 


Adjusted hours 0

We hope everyone is staying well, staying in, and following recommendations.  We have, temporarily, adjusted our shop/store hours to Monday-Friday 10-3.  We may be here at other times or by appointment.  

We are shipping without delays (with sanitized hands and tools).  


Stay Healthy and Call Us! 0

I'm not bombarding everyone's inbox with an email regarding our response to COVID-19... I figure if you want to know what we are doing, you will check in with us. 

As long as our community is not in quarantine and we all remain healthy and unexposed, the shop will remain open. Monday through Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 10-2. We do not expect any delays in ordering time - we are stocked and able to produce. If anything changes, I will post it on our web site and social media.

We are a small business that considers staff and customers as family, and we are committed to keeping everyone safe and and every surface sanitized. The majority of our business is conducted via phone and email so we feel safe in operating with our small staff maintaining all recommended precautions.  We've all worked together for years, even decades, and long ago learned the healthful importance of maintaining private work spaces and tools.

We pray that you all remain healthy, listen to the experts, help one another, and call your elderly family every day as this is most isolating for them.  Don't forget to find the joy and sparkle in your day!

& Happy St. Patrick's Day!


How to add light to your historic home... 0

In my archiving, I ran across this article.  There is some good information here, for all types of homes.

Happy New Year 0

As we close 2018, we wish everyone a healthy and happy 2019!