Light Conversation — Choosing a Chandelier


A quick word about Swarovski 0

In 2020, Swarovski AG announced that they would no longer be manufacturing lighting components.  And, while we were extremely disappointed (and flummoxed) by this business decision, we have "moved on", as they say.

We have replaced Swarovski crystal with Asfour crystal which is just as beautiful and a bit heavier than the Swarovski Strass crystal that we used on our Signature line for decades. We are very pleased with the results.

As a matter of fact, a customer here in NC who has several of our Strass chandeliers just received a Raleigh chandelier trimmed in the new crystal. Upon installation, she sent me a text:  "the chandelier is just beautiful, it's perfect!!!"  This Raleigh is hanging within site of a Raleigh with Swarovski and she sees no difference.  

The biggest upside of this shift is that the prices on our Signature line are lower than they were when these fixtures were trimmed in Swarovski.  If you are a repeat customer, you will notice this and notice the lack of reference to Swarovski.  If you are a past customer and need some replacement pieces of Swarovski, please contact us.

- Nancy

How wide can your chandelier be in proportion to your table? 0

I've had a few discussions about this exact topic lately.  Can your chandelier be wider than your table?  How much less wide than the table should the chandelier be?

If you want an extremely over-sized chandelier, wider than or as wide as your table, you have to hang it higher than normal range.  The chandelier, or at the very least, the bulk of the chandelier, must be above the heads of anyone standing at your table.  I know we don't normally think of folks standing at the table; we envision them sitting, but you do have to consider where the chandelier is if you are standing at the edge of the table, and you do not want a light fixture right in the face, or forehead, of your guests.  I am a fan of over-sized chandeliers in the right space, but just be wary of how low it is. 

To help you visualize... the closer the chandelier's diameter is to the width of your table, the higher the chandelier needs to hang.

crystal chandelier in a large room

We pay more attention to the room measurements to get the correct sizing for your chandelier, and only consider sizing for the table if the table is unusually sized for the room.  There are a few guidelines out there... some say leave 6" from the edge of the widest part of the table.  Others say to use a chandelier that is anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 the diameter of your table - which is a big range.  Again, unless you have a very large dining room, if you purchase a chandelier that is appropriately sized for the room dimensions and ceiling heights that you have, then your chandelier will most likely be sized appropriately for the table you have.

Here are some additional links to help you choose the best chandelier size for your room.

A chandelier over a drop-leaf table.

Guidelines for how high to hang a chandelier over a table.

How wide of a chandelier to choose.

We are happy to answer specific questions about this topic.  Feel free to send us your dimensions, and we will give you our recommendations.


2020 is HERE! 0

One of the great things about Social Media is that you see so many fun photos, and this New Year was no exception.  I counted no less than 5 Roaring 20's parties involving the grown children of friends.  I thought, well, this must be a thing now (like 1950's and 60's parties were when I was young).  It was only when a co-worker pointed out the connection, did I get it.  Yeah, sometimes I am dense.  

How will the 1920's influence the 2020's?  Hopefully, lots of sparkles, feathers, and fringe.  Glorious colors and patterns -- maybe even velvet!  It is exciting to anticipate. 

We will be ready with our 1920's inspired chandeliers!

Our collection of tier model chandeliers is led by the Zelda.  The name and the design were inspired by that golden age.  

1920's inspired tier model Zelda chandelier with udrop crystals

When King's chandelier started advertising our product nationally, it was the precursor of the Zelda chandelier that we marketed.  $35 plus shipping and handling... the good old days.  

If you want to start the 2020's in style, check out all of our tier models and choose one for your home.  


How to add light to your historic home... 0

In my archiving, I ran across this article.  There is some good information here, for all types of homes.

Get to Know Our 8+4 Crystal Chandelier Series 0

One of our most popular chandeliers is the 8+4 Medium. It looks lovely in just about any setting.


It is ideal for what we call a "medium sized" dining room - a room that is 12' x 15' or 13' x 14'.  However, this is a very full chandelier with abundant trimmings, so it looks a bit larger than its 26" diameter and can enhance even a larger space, including a foyer.

In an 8' ceiling, using 1' of chain, this chandelier will hang about 29" off the table which is a tiny bit closer than our guidelines indicate, but no one will be the wiser!  (One link of chain really looks like more because there will be a screw loop protruding from the canopy.  Don't be afraid of one link!)

In the photo above, you can see how well it works in an uncomplicated space.  It also fits a more decorative space.  

This truly is the perfect chandelier!  But, just in case you want a smaller, or larger, bit of 8+4 perfection, check out the 8+4 Small or the 8+4 EXL (the 8+4 Large was lost in history).  

All of our Signature sconces are a perfect fit for this chandelier.


What Size Chandelier is Best for a Bedroom 0

What Size Chandelier is Best for a Bedroom?

My best answer to the question above is any size.  Seriously.  I think you can use any size you want.

Proper sizing:  Room width + room length = chandelier width in inches... 10'x12' room takes a 22" wide chandelier. HOWEVER, in a bedroom, a chandelier is really an accent piece, so it is more about the decor.  And, the ceiling height.

Ceiling height is the first consideration in a bedroom.  You have to walk under the light, so standard height off the floor is 6 1/2 feet off the floor.  Most people aren't taller than that (and if they are, they are used to ducking).  If everyone in your house is short, good!  That leaves more room for a chandelier.  (Remember to account for ceiling hardware which can take up to 4" additional beyond the chandelier height.)

If you only have 8', you will do best to use a small chandelier, regardless of how large the room is. An 18" tall chandelier (maximum height for 8' ceiling) starts to look odd when it gets wider than 26".

If you are lucky, you will have tall ceilings and can use anything you want.  But, unless you live in a palace, you don't want a huge chandelier in your bedroom.  This is one room where less is more.