Shipping Our Crystal Chandeliers

Spend $750 and get FREE SHIPPING

We have been packing and shipping our crystal chandeliers for over 85 years and feel like we have perfected the process. It is important to us that your experience of receiving and unpacking your chandelier be as stress-free as possible!

All items are shipped partially disassembled to ensure safe delivery.

Production times vary. We make all of our chandeliers and sconces to order, so there is a small production time of 3-5 weeks.  If you have a deadline, feel free to call us to discuss.  In most cases, we can accommodate your schedule.

We encourage our customers to reuse and recycle all packing materials. Components are wrapped and cushioned using newspaper, plain paper, and bubble wrap. Packing materials include Styrofoam peanuts – some biodegradable and some not. We do our best to use sustainable products and reusable products, but packing crystal chandeliers sometimes runs at cross-purposes. 

Simple instructions for assembly are included. If you have ordered a crystal-armed chandelier or sconce (most items from the Swarovski or Classic Collections), we will ship the chandelier with the arms out of the body of the chandelier.  If you have ordered from the Victorian Collection, most of these items are shipped with the stems separate from the main body and require one simple assembly step. None of our chandeliers or sconces are shipped with the crystal pendants attached.

Most of our chandeliers and sconces ship via United Parcel Service. Some of the larger chandeliers ship via truck. Small parts usually ship via USPS. We are happy to consider alternative shipping methods upon your request.

If you discover a problem upon receipt, call us and we will solve the problem in the most expedient manner possible. Although we are unable to guarantee that no damage will occur in shipping, we have succeeded in making damage a rare occurrence.  We do recommend that you open your cartons and inspect for breakage as soon as possible before your scheduled installation. All replacements components are shipped via ground UPS. 

If you would like to pick up your chandelier from our location, call us to discuss this. We are happy to have you do so, but we are required to charge NC Sales Tax, which you are not assessed if we ship out of state.

Careful placement of chandelier pieces keep breakage to a minimum.Packing materialHeavyweight cardboard boxes.All cartons are packed so that they can be moved without worry.