About Matching Chandelier Arms

If you have one of our chandeliers and have broken an arm, click here.

Chandelier arms are a tricky business. If you have tried to match an old one, then you understand what we mean. The bend, the height, and the length, as well as the pattern on the glass, all factor into how an arm will look next to another. 

How to measure a chandelier armMost arms are sold without the electrical socket and wire, but do include the ferule (the piece in which the glass is set). And, arms are measured straight across (not along the bend) from ferule to ferule.

We have so many variations, and the variations change very frequently, so putting the arms on our website is difficult. However, if you are looking to match a chandelier arm, we are happy to help.

Simply send us a photo of the arm that you need and mention the size. From the photo, we will either request more information. (Or, in a few cases, let you know that we do not have a match.)  Please be patient with us as this process may take a few days.

If we do have a match, we can drill holes in the ferules for metal loops, run electrical wire through the arm, and attach a socket.  You can even send us your existing bobeche or other crystal pieces for us to reassemble for you.  

Email us at crystal@chandelier.com with your photo so we can help get that chandelier back to looking perfect.