About Matching Chandelier Arms

If you have one of our chandeliers and have broken an arm, click here.

We are not in the business of selling chandelier arms and do not have a stock of chandelier arms from other manufacturers.  What we do have is decades of stock used to make our chandeliers - arms that were left over from a carton when we matched sets for our chandeliers. About 20% of the time, they will work for chandeliers other than ours.

Chandelier arms are a tricky business. If you have tried to match an old one, then you understand what we mean. The bend, the height, and the length, as well as the pattern on the glass, all factor into how an arm will look next to another. 

Keep in mind, most of our arms look similar to what you see on our chandeliers, but within that range, there are hundreds of slight variations on the bends. Even that slight variation will look odd when that different arm is placed next to the others on your chandelier. We are picky.  And because we are picky, we want you to have a good match. 

To tell you more about chandelier arms than you would ever want to know.... we match a set of arms for each chandelier that we make.  As we pull these arms out of cartons, they may be a slightly different shape from each other within the same shipment that we receive, and storing these different arms is not something that is organizable.  Telling us that your arm looks exactly like one in the photo above will probably not really help us find the arm in our stock.  

If you are looking for a match, send us a photo of the arm that you need - mention the size as measured in the photo above.  From the photo, we will either request more information, or let you know if we do not have something similar.  Please be patient with us as this process may take a few days. We do not have any Baccarat, Schonbek. or Waterford arms.  We do have arms that are notched, olive, mitered, rope twisted, and ribbed.  We do have arms that have gold ferules and arms that have nickel ferules.

To truly match, we want to have your arm in our hands.  With your arm in hand, Tim can go down the rows and rows (and rows) of arms that we have and actually hold your arm next to a contender. Without this process, trying to match is too time consuming.  We will not do this with a drawing or photo. The drawback of sending us your arm is that if we can not match, you have spent money to ship the arm to us and receive it back, and there is always a chance it will break in shipping. 

If you are not picky, simply tell us that.  We will make an educated guess as to which arm is closest, clean that arm, and run wire through it.

Chandelier arms are non-returnable and non-refundable.

If we do have a match, we can drill holes in the ferules for metal loops, run electrical wire through the arm, and attach a socket.  You can even send us your existing bobeche or other crystal pieces for us to reassemble for you.    

Most arms are sold without the electrical socket and wire, but do include the ferule (the piece in which the glass is set). And, arms are measured straight across (not along the bend) from ferule to ferule.

If all of the above info has not deterred, disheartened, or exhausted you, email us at crystal@chandelier.com with your photo.  Check your spam/junk folder for our answer. Again, have patience, our answer may take a few days.