Light Conversation — Throwback


Golden Oldies 0

When I clean out a drawer around here, I find the best things!  I love these old photos from what must be the late Fifties. These lovelies were in some of our early catalogs showing the larger crystal chandeliers. 

I'm not sure of the house and exactly who every one is... though the handsome man in the tuxedo is Durward King.  

  crystal chandelier

crystal chandeliers

 Although I don't recognize all of the people, I do recognize some of the furniture as pieces that found their way to our showroom over the years.  Those pieces were meant to last generations - just like our chandeliers.

Our First Catalog 0

From our first catalog, circa 1950: Due to increasing scarcity and consequent higher costs of old crystal chandeliers, we are specializing in copies of some of these at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay, and without their losing any of the charm and elegance of the old ones.  For years we … Continue reading Our First Catalog

Looking back a bit… 0

#tbt Social Media can inspire some really fun trends, and one of my favorites is Throwback Thursday, or #tbt.  Since King’s Chandelier has been around for 80 years, we’ve got some old photos hanging around.    These old photos give insight into how the chandeliers evolve and change but yet still stay true to a … Continue reading Looking back a bit…