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Back in full swing! 0

After a few weeks of reduced hours due to our Covid response, we are now back to our original hours of Monday through Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.  Our showroom in large enough that we are certain everyone can maintain more than an appropriate distance from each other.  

We are continuing to deliver on time and have had no delays in fulfillment!  Just let us know how we can help you with your home projects.  

We hope everyone is staying healthy and in good spirits! 


Adjusted hours 0

We hope everyone is staying well, staying in, and following recommendations.  We have, temporarily, adjusted our shop/store hours to Monday-Friday 10-3.  We may be here at other times or by appointment.  

We are shipping without delays (with sanitized hands and tools).  


Our Showroom over the Years 0

As I have mentioned before, we've been sorting and searching through 85 (85!) years of accumulation - parts, marketing materials, photos, catalogs. 

I enjoy looking at and sharing old photos, and I am especially excited to be able to include them on our blog making them a perpetual part of our story.  The following photos show our showroom over the years.  

Early workspace and chandelier showroom

Mr. DF King and daughter Adele King in the 1950s. First dedicated chandelier space on Boone Rd. in Leaksville, NC.

Newly opened chandelier showroom on Hwy 14

1960s - Newly opened 3000 square feet of showroom and workshop on Highway 14 in Leaksville (shortly to become Eden), NC.  Mr. Durward King is on the sofa in the back ground. 

1980s chandelier showroom

The photo above shows the 1970's addition taking us to 8,000 square feet of showroom and work space.  This photo was taken in the 1990s in our "Strass Room" by Albert Cardwell.  

Our same "Strass Room" a decade or so later.  Photo by Frank Van Valkenburg.


Our "Strass Room" now.

Victorian Lighting in Double Parlors 0

If you are a follower of our blog, then you know I've been using it to catalog and preserve some of the articles and press that have included our crystal chandeliers over the years.  The photos are fading, which is particularly a shame in regards to these grandly decorated Victorian homes. I truly love the wallpapers and fabrics used in these interiors.

(Speaking of wallpaper... we frequently share the stage with Bradbury and Bradbury - check them out if you aren't familiar.)

Double parlors were common in Grand Victoriana, and those spaces just beg for fantastic, show stopping chandeliers. There is just something luxurious about twin crystal chandeliers and these photos are true examples of that lavish decor.

Our lovely Richmond 6 is lighting the space shown below, a historic home in the Algiers Point neighborhood of New Orleans. 

Victorian Splendor in New Orleans... written by R. Stephanie Bruno and Photography by Eugenia Uhl.  Victorian Homes October 2011. 

Our Charleston 6 is doing a fine job of adding to the historic feel of this Brooklyn Brownstone's double parlor.  

Decorating a Brooklyn Brownstone ... written by Frances Gay and photography by Rob Kern.  Victorian Homes issue Winter of 1994.  

Stay tuned for more pretty photos and archives!  

Golden Oldies 0

When I clean out a drawer around here, I find the best things!  I love these old photos from what must be the late Fifties. These lovelies were in some of our early catalogs showing the larger crystal chandeliers. 

I'm not sure of the house and exactly who every one is... though the handsome man in the tuxedo is Durward King.  

  crystal chandelier

crystal chandeliers

 Although I don't recognize all of the people, I do recognize some of the furniture as pieces that found their way to our showroom over the years.  Those pieces were meant to last generations - just like our chandeliers.

Happy Thanksgiving! 0

Now that your chandelier is clean and you have your menu set, we hope you can take a little breather and enjoy a few quiet minutes to reflect on all for which you are thankful.

We are doing just that.

We truly have the best customers.  You are patient with us when we are slow, and excited when we are ahead of schedule. You show such wonderful enthusiasm for our product and our knowledge... I don't think all companies get to experience that. You invite us into your homes (both literally and figuratively) and share your family heirlooms and stories.  It is hard to express how appreciative we are.

We are so thankful for each and every one of you! 

- Nancy, Tim, Brenda and Richie