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Reflections... 0

I think it is true that we humans connect over “things”.  As much as we don’t want to admit that inanimate commercial goods are important to us, they are essential to so many of our memories.

Over the years we have heard beautiful reminisces and reflections of crystal chandeliers past, and I have seen how they play a large part in our connections to each other.

Once upon a time, a young man in his early 20’s, fresh out of college, placed a chandelier on lay-away.  His grandmother had passed away a few years before, and he always associated a chandelier with memories of her.  He asked for us to make one similar to hers – which we lovingly did.  I think he is the youngest customer we have had and I'll never forget his enthusiasm.

Recently I reunited with a college room-mate who was very dear to me. Her sweet mother had recently passed away, and my friend had the chandelier from her childhood home which she was hoping to have restored and prepared for storage.  It is a gorgeous chandelier – well-made and impeccably maintained. We reconnected over the chandelier – me remembering her mother’s beautiful home while she told me about their last time spent under the chandelier at a family gathering.   My friend has her own chandelier (inspired by her mother’s love of her own), but this chandelier will be packed for her own daughter’s use when the time comes.

So many of our customers are 2nd and even 3rd generation of King’s Chandelier owners.  We take great pride in this and love knowing that family traditions include us and that family photos may include just a bit of our creations.  Precious memories of fun times and holiday gatherings will be lit by our light.

From Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day is the time to make those lasting memories.  And, if you happened to make those under a King’s Chandelier, we’d love you to tag your photos or even send them to us ( so we may share in those experiences. 

Much love to everyone and we wish you a joyous holiday season!


Using Crystal Sconces in Your Bathroom 0

Have you wanted to put a pair (or two) of gorgeous crystal sconces in your bathroom? A local customer did.  She had been pondering the idea for a while, and finally thought, why not?!

In this bath, there were 2 separate vanities and each one has a set of 2-arm sconces, our Sconce 2 with Swarovski Crystal, on either side of the mirror.

crystal sconces in a bathroom

crystal sconces over a vanity

She is very happy with the result, and we think it is beautiful.  

Check Out More Pics! 0

If you are looking for more photos of our chandeliers and sconces, we have a few places for you to look.  

You can scroll through our page of photos that have been sent to us by our wonderful customers.  Also, make sure to look through our blog posts

Every now and again we run across photos of rooms that include our chandeliers - photos that are more professional in nature.  When we catch sight of them, we pin them to one of our Pinterest boards which you can see here

And, if you are a Houzz lover, make sure to look at our idea board, Our Customers' Beautiful Rooms.  

We love receiving those photos, so if you have one of our chandeliers or are purchasing one in the future, please send us a photo showing the chandelier in your room!  

Another Gorgeous Home 0

Flipping through an issue of a favorite, Old House Interiors, Early Homes, we saw this:

Photos by Bridley + Graves.  Article by Patricia Poore

That is one of our lovely creations - custom designed with the customer.  

Read the article here.  Or, check out The Old House website for fabulous photos and product information. It is a must for anyone interested in old homes.  



Chandelier Wider than Your Table? 0

Trying to decide what size chandelier to purchase? Look at this lovely room and read the store behind it.

This customer debated about which size Durham to use in her dining room.  The Small Durham, at 22" wide, was the best choice for the drop leaf table which she kept dropped the majority of the time.  The room, however, measured right at the size for a 26" wide chandelier, or the Medium Durham.

She (and admittedly, we) had a hard time deciding whether to choose the 22" or 26" wide chandelier.  The customer uncertainly decided on the 22" wide, but once she was home and revisited the room, she thought better.  She called us with the decision to change her order to the 26" Medium Durham, which you see above - without the crystal candle cups.  

In the end, it was the perfect decision. 

Using Crystal Chandeliers to Make Your Kitchen Glorious! 0

Who says crystal chandeliers are too formal for a kitchen?  Not us!  Nor our customers.

Chandelier Mabel

Above is a slightly customized Mabel in a very sophisticated, yet small, kitchen.  It looks perfect with the open shelves and Carrara marble.  

With modern exhaust fans and cooking methods, you don't have to worry so much about the amount of grime that will accumulate on a chandelier.  (Though, we say never worry about it at all!  A dirty chandelier is better than no chandelier.) 

Choosing a chandelier like the Mabel, above, makes cleaning an easier task. With a lack of crystal strands/festoons and bobeches that lift straight off the candle, this chandelier can be cleaned in an hour.

Above are our 3-R-6 chandeliers offering plenty of light for this island work space.  A little bit more off a chandelier to clean, but totally worth it! 

Check out our Houzz idea board or our Pinterest board for more crystal chandeliers looking beautiful in your kitchens.