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We hope everyone is staying healthy!  Here in Eden NC, we are all doing okay... working away to get you your beautiful lights or the parts you need.  We've added more of our antique parts to the site and are hoping to add more this weekend, so stay tuned!  

A past customer sent us a lovely photo this week of a chandelier that they received as a wedding gift in 1978.  It is one of my favorites - The Small Tryon.  

Tryon chandelier

Mr. King created this chandelier in the 1940s and named it for the Tryon Palace in New Bern, North Carolina. (When the world returns to normal, fans of Diana Gabaldon should take their Outlander tour.)

Unfortunately, the beautiful German wood-polished almonds that characterized the Tryon of all sizes are no longer available so we have removed the Tryon from our line of chandeliers.  However, a variation of it is available in the Bedford:

We can duplicate the structure of the Tryon for anyone interested in a Georgian style chandelier.  We have many alternative crystals for trimming.

As always, feel free to contact us for any custom chandelier creations!

If you like old homes.. 0

If you like old homes, you will appreciate this one in the same we we do.  I believe the date of construction was 1851, and the wood work is by Thomas Day. He home owners were kind enough to invite me into this home and allow me to take photos. When the restoration of the beautiful … Continue reading If you like old homes..

Chandelier of the Week – Wentworth 0

Do you need to add a little bit of elegance to a room?  The Wentworth is the perfect crystal chandelier for the job.  It is short enough to leave 6.5’ of clearance in a room with 8’ ceilings, so you can use it just about anywhere. You could hang it in your bedroom … Continue reading Chandelier of the Week – Wentworth

Chandelier of the Week – Raleigh 0

A well-proportioned chandelier is timeless, and our chandelier Raleigh is one of our perpetual favorites. What makes it well-proportioned?  The best way to describe this quality in a chandelier is to say that it is well-balanced.  There are an even number of arms (6 lower and 6 upper) which makes a chandelier look good from every angle.  … Continue reading Chandelier of the Week – Raleigh