How much chain should show?


We hear quite a bit of debate about chain around here.  How much chain is too much chain for my chandelier?  Isn't one link of chain too little chain?  General consensus says that there is a happy medium at around 6" of chain.

However, you have to have the amount of chain that you have to have.  There isn't much you can do - it is easier to adjust the chain than the ceiling height.  And, it is better to pick the chandelier that you like instead of adjusting your tastes to accommodate the exact length of chandelier that you feel you need. 

So, if you have to have 6' of chain - so be it.  There is the option to cover it with a fabric sleeve (make sure to get one that has Velcro the entire length). But, at the end of the day, people don't notice the chain. The only have eyes for your gorgeous chandelier.

Conversely, if you have only 1 link of chain - it doesn't look as short as you think it will.  

This photo is from our showroom (the 8+4 Medium) showing 1 link of chain. Because there is always a loop coming from the chandelier and always a loop coming from the canopy, the one link doesn't look so short.  

As always, call us or email us with specific questions that you may have! We are always happy to help.

This photo shows the 8+4 Medium in our showroom - the ceilings in here are 11', but we have this medallion dropped to represent an 8' ceiling. 

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  • Patricia

    Thank you. This was very helpful and your chandeliers are just gorgeous!

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