A quick word about Swarovski


In 2020, Swarovski AG announced that they would no longer be manufacturing lighting components.  And, while we were extremely disappointed (and flummoxed) by this business decision, we have "moved on", as they say.

We have replaced Swarovski crystal with Asfour crystal which is just as beautiful and a bit heavier than the Swarovski Strass crystal that we used on our Signature line for decades. We are very pleased with the results.

As a matter of fact, a customer here in NC who has several of our Strass chandeliers just received a Raleigh chandelier trimmed in the new crystal. Upon installation, she sent me a text:  "the chandelier is just beautiful, it's perfect!!!"  This Raleigh is hanging within site of a Raleigh with Swarovski and she sees no difference.  

The biggest upside of this shift is that the prices on our Signature line are lower than they were when these fixtures were trimmed in Swarovski.  If you are a repeat customer, you will notice this and notice the lack of reference to Swarovski.  If you are a past customer and need some replacement pieces of Swarovski, please contact us.

- Nancy

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  • Nancy Daniel
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