Pre-Chandelier Cleaning Check List


Judging by the questions and orders that are coming in, many of you are being quite productive during this trying time at home and are cleaning your chandeliers and sconces.

You can find our cleaning instructions on this website.

Before you begin cleaning, however, there are a few safe guards you should take.

  • Most importantly, if you can, make sure that the screw loop in your ceiling connection is tight.  These can loosen over the years, particularly if the chandelier is turned for cleaning and bulb changing.  Turn to the right to tighten (righty tighty, lefty loosey). 
  • Turn off the fixture - many of us have scars to prove how hot incandescent light bulbs can get.
  • Place a padding of some type on the surface beneath the chandelier.  (Moving quilts or comforters work great.  If they are on the floor, take care to spread them out well and don't trip.) It will protect that surface and offer a measure of protection to whatever is falling.  You may end up with only  one damaged prism, but sometimes that old prism is no longer available for purchase.
  • Verify that the bottom of your chandelier and the connecting ball are securely in place. If you decide to remove the bottom of the chandelier, read this first. This process is a little bit tricky, so be careful!  
  • Practice ladder safety...the spreaders should be firmly secure and the ladder feet should be flat on your floor. If you move your ladder once you have started cleaning, make sure to remove tools or items from the shelf and top.

You can find more tips and cleaning advice on our blog 


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