Featuring: Our Belladonna Chandelier


Named such because we just love the name. Not for any nefarious reasons, of course! 

Crystal chandelier Belladonna in a diningroom

The main purpose of the structure of this beauty is too support the crystal bells - the stars of the show. There are no pendants on the top of this chandelier and nothing hanging on the bottom, other than the lovely crystal bell. The arms are the plainer, ribbed pattern which complements the bells. The prisms are slightly more narrow than a traditional u-drop and are generally referred to as a French u-drop - they are not too sparkly so as not to take away from the bells.

At 26" wide - the Belladonna is great for a medium sized room.

The 27" length is a bit too long to use in an 9' ceiling and still walk under it, but you could easily hang it in a living room or bedroom with a 10' ceiling. And, of course, it is perfect for a dining room with an 8' or 9' ceiling. 

crystal chandelier Belladonna in a dining room Crystal Chandelier Belladonna in Living Room Dining Room Combo Belladonna no lights

The lovely Belladonna chandelier works perfectly with transitional decor - a little bit of classic crystal, traditional components, and a slightly fanciful demeanor.  Fun without being silly.  

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  • Nancy Daniel
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