Changing the length of your candle covers


Lately, we have had numerous questions about how to change the length of your candle covers (sleeves), so I thought I would address this here on our blog. 

If you have candelabra sockets on your chandelier or sconce, you have probably had to change the covers/sleeves at some point due to discoloration or disintegration.  Ideally, you can measure those covers and replace them with something the same size.  See ours for standard and custom sizes. The cover is designed to cover only what is there... it does not dictate the length.

What happens if you want to make the appearance of your candle longer or shorter?  You must first examine your sockets.  To do so, remove the bulb (not while it is hot) and the cover to see what is underneath.  Keep in mind, this is an electrical connection.  The safest way to proceed it to make sure the power to the fixture is turned off at the breaker. 

Hopefully, your socket is an adjustable one.  By loosening the correct screws, the socket will slide up and down (like a slide trombone).  It is important that you loosen the correct screw - NOT the one holding the wires. 

If the socket has room to move down, then shortening it is pretty easy. 

Lengthening it is more of an undertaking and we recommend an electrician.  In order for an adjustable socket to rise, you must have enough wire through the arm to make the extra distance.  If you do not, the arm will have to have a new, longer wire run from the socket to the main wire of the chandelier.  Do NOT piece together wire. And, do NOT force the length of the wire.

In short, usually if you want a taller socket/cover, you will have to rewire the arms of your chandeliers.  Our website includes kits for this, and we always recommend an electrician.  

We'd love to hear your stories of how you have changed the look of your chandelier.  Leave us a comment below.  


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  • Nancy Daniel
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