Putting together pieces for your crystal chandelier...


Have you spent hours trying to determine what you need to buy in order to put together a strand of crystals for your chandelier? 

Rather than you trying to purchase all the necessary little pieces in bulk and assembling something yourself, let us do the work.

You can send us a photo of exactly what you need.  This customer placed his crystal piece on a ruler, but he also gave us the dimension of each piece.  We were able to duplicate his crystal strand and his chandelier looks good as new.

How to measure the pins between the crystal?  Don't measure the "legs" (pieces that goes into the crystal), just simply measure the decorative part that shows between the crystals.  

It can be difficult to match some things exactly - the thickness of a piece of crystal may be slightly different, or the cut may vary a tiny bit.  But, we are experts! We will let you know if there are any differences and if we think it will be noticeable.  

email: crystal@chandelier.com.  


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  • King's Chandelier Company
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  • King's Chandelier
    King's Chandelier

    Hi Emily. If you are local to us in Eden NC, we will be happy to. Call or email us. ~ Nancy

  • Emily Coffey
    Emily Coffey

    Will you put a chandelier together for me.
    It not a very big one.

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