Clips and Pins for Repairing Your Chandelier Crystals


It has been a while since we added parts to the website, but we've updated it with a good selection of pins and clips for your re-pinning needs. 

Click here to read some about the different types of pinning on our blog. 

bowtie clips for crystal chandelier pinning

The measurements listed for the clips and hangers are the face measurement and do not include the length of the "legs" (the part that inserts into the holes of the crystals). Using the example above, the bowtie clip is measured as 13mm. 

This face measurement is what will determine the distance between the two pieces of crystal that are being re-pinned.  A 13mm bowtie will leave less than 13mm between the 2 pieces.  Exactly how much will depend upon the size of your crystals, but there is a 9mm space using the 13mm bowtie between the two 16mm crystals in this example below.  

The "leg" of the clip is the part that goes into the hole on the piece of crystal. In the photos below, you can see the difference between the "long legged" clip and the regular clip.  The long legged clips are excellent for clipping into large crystals.  

How to insert chandelier clip into crystal  

If you are in doubt about which type or size of clip to use, please email us.  We will be happy to help you.









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