Right-sized vs. Wrong-sized Chandelier


When you WANT to break the rules!  

Thinking outside of the proper sized box when it comes to chandeliers.

Talking with a friend yesterday, I reminded her of the common method of finding the proper sized chandelier for any given room... room length + room width = approximately the width of the right chandelier (in inches).  a 12' x 10' room calls for a 22" wide chandelier.  

But, what if you want to be different.  Or what if the chandelier love of your life is too big (or small)?  As they say, it is all good.  It really is!  Ultimately, it is your room, and as long as your head doesn't hit the chandelier, you can do what you want. 

For example, I have a 26" wide chandelier in my dining room, a room that really calls for a 22" wide chandelier.  It is a small room, but I don't want a small chandelier - I own a chandelier store, for goodness sake!  Because the room is small, it only houses a table and the 6 chairs to the table, plus the over-sized chandelier.  I love it!

Conversely, a friend has an undersized chandelier in her dining room.  Her dining room calls for a 26" wide chandelier, and she opted to use the one that was original to her early 1950's home.  It is only 18" wide, but looks perfect with her small chairs and over-sized lamps.

Just wanted to pop in with a reminder that home decorating rules are meant to be broken!


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