Pipe-Mounting a Chandelier


Not the most exciting subject? Well, for some it is very exciting - most particularly those that hate the look of a chandelier hanging on chain (more about that later in the week). 

Pipe mounting looks like this:

And, is most frequently used in Victorian Lighting - the pipe would have carried the gas to the fixture.  Gas fixtures did not hang from chain.

For most circumstances, a chandelier hanging on chain is the best mounting.  It is easier for the electrician (or you) to install. A chain also provides a bit of give if you bump into it, or throw something at it, or have an earthquake, or just want to turn it a tiny, tiny bit to change the light bulb. A pipe mount does not allow for any of this. 

Pipe mounts are fixed - the pipe to the ceiling is part of the chandelier.  A slip collar allows the ceiling canopy to slide up and down the pipe for installation and wiring. Pipe mounts allow for no movement whatsoever. 

If you want your Victorian chandelier to be extremely authentic, then you may want to choose to have us make yours with a pipe mount to the ceiling.  Consider the drawbacks that I listed above first, but if you want it fixed, then measure exactly how far you want the entire fixture to hang from the ceiling and we will make it so.  Keep in mind that this length cannot be adjusted once it leaves us, so be sure of your measurements.  We will be happy to talk you through figuring that out.   

Although we have done it, we don't generally recommend using a pipe mount on your all-crystal chandeliers.  

As always, if you have any questions, give us a call or email us! 

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