How to Cut a Candle Cover


If you are looking for candle covers for your chandelier, you have realized that not only are they available in different diameters, they are available in different heights, too.

We offer the option of ordering your candle covers cut to your specification.  

However, we do have many folks that inquire about cutting their own.  So, how do you do that?  The best way to do it is with a band saw.  With a band saw, you can make clean, quick cuts no matter how thick the cover is.

Many folks do try to cut their covers with scissors... sometimes that works, sometimes it does not.  If the candle cover is thin enough, you can trim down the plastic a bit at a time:

How to trim a chandelier sleeve

It is best NOT to try to cut it all at once.  Although it is quick, that method will crease the plastic:

How to cut a chandelier candle cover

We have had customers cut them with hack saws and bread knives... though we just don't recommend it.

The easiest way is to let us do it for you!  Order here


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