How to Add Crystal Accents to Your Chandelier


How to Add Crystal Accents to Your Chandelier

If you just want to dress your chandelier up a bit, there are many ways to do it.  Here's a few ideas:

1. Add crystal rings, with a prisms or pendalogue hanging from it, to the arms.  For this to be simple, ideally the ring needs to fit over the candle and slide down into the bend of the arm.  If it won't fit over the candle, then you will need to add it from the back side of the arm.  You can learn how to take the bottom of your chandelier in order to reach the arms here

You can then drape crystal strands from pendant to pendant if you like. Shown here is our Winter Elegance.

Purchase rings here.

2.  Use thin wire that can be purchased in the jewelry making section of Wal-Mart or Michael's. Wrap this wire around the chandelier arm or other piece. Cut a short piece of wire, then twist the ends into a spiral.  Clip off the excess wire. Hook a prism or pendalogue into the wire.  This is the simplest, least expensive way to add a bit of fun to your chandelier.


3. Using the cute little hand-held, hole punch below, you can punch small holes in stampings and other thin metals.  Then, slip your pin through the hole.


4.  Magnets are amazing!  And we have some on clearance...  Grab a magnet from your fridge and test you chandelier to make sure it will stick. These magnets are strong enough to hold just about any prism.  


Have fun adding to your chandelier or sconce.  



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