How and Where Should You Store a Chandelier


The logistics of storing a crystal chandelier are, well, complicated. 

Let's tackle the hows first.

Some folks opt for storing a chandelier, intact, hanging in a crate or from a bar of some type in an out of way place.  This isn't a bad method as long as you have the room, and everyone knows not to touch.  The chandelier should be covered to keep as much dust as possible off of the fixture.  Of course, once it is covered no one will know the fragility of the contents underneath, so a CAUTION sign may be a good idea.  We don't recommend moving a crystal chandelier in a crate, but for stationary storage, it works well.

We frequently recommend storing crystal chandeliers as if they were packed for moving.  That is, each arm taken out of the main stem and wrapped with paper or bubble wrap for cushioning.  Crystal trimmings should be wrapped in tissue paper and labeled carefully.  Including a diagram of where the crystal belongs on the fixture is a must!  

Once everything is wrapped, place the piece in a strong cardboard box with cushioning between the pieces.  You want to make sure that pieces can't knock against each other.  

Where to store it?

We don't like attics..temperatures are too extreme in attics, at least in most parts of the country.  The heat isn't good for the electrical wiring and the candle covers.  Garages are better unless your climate is really extreme.

A more climate controlled area is best - somewhere inside the home is ideal.  But, of course, the best place to store a chandelier is hanging from your ceiling where everyone can enjoy it. 


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