Crystal Chandeliers for Any Decor


Are crystal chandeliers too fancy for the average home?

If you have never considered a crystal chandelier for a room, you may think of it as a luxury, but we consider it a natural choice.  What better way to brighten a room?  Crystals and light go together like peanut butter and jelly, wood and marble, soap and water…

Imagine sunlight reflecting and refracting from the center of your room throughout the day. Bright, clean, happy light bouncing around your room.  Whether the crystals are on an iron fixture or hanging from even more crystal, the cheery warmth from a sparkly light is invigorating and inviting.  So, while they look magnificent, a crystal chandelier doesn’t have to make a room opulent. 

We hear over and over “my house doesn’t warrant a crystal chandelier”, and we respond with “why not?” Crystal chandeliers have been the preferred choice for hundreds of years and their time is not done. 

Our customers place chandeliers in every type of home – from manufactured homes to literal palaces.  Décor choices range from rustic log cabin to Colonial-American to traditional and they all look fabulous. 


crystal chandelier in rustic decor  

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