Adding Crystal to Your Plain Chandelier


Do you have a plain chandelier that you would like to dress up a bit?  Add some fun crystal to it?  We love that idea!  Below are two metal chandeliers to which crystal pendants and strands were added for a lovely look.  

crystal added to small chandelier  crystal added to large chandelier

Of course, the big question is how do I do this?  How do I add crystal to my light fixture?

Some fixtures are manufactured with holes in the stampings or metal parts, but the added crystals are not included in the design of the fixture.  In that case, it is easy to add.  


If your fixture does not have any holes, you will need to create some.  Our favorite way to do this is with a punch plier:


Depending upon the material, you may be able to use other tools.  If you can't seem to make holes with any tools, then you can use a thin piece of wire to wind around different parts of the chandelier.  Leave the wire loose enough for a hook to slip through.

We think it is fun to vary the size of the pendants you are adding, but we recommend having the same size on one level.  In other words, the pendants hanging from the front of each arm should be the same, but they can be a different size or shape from the pendants hanging on the top of the chandelier. And, the ones on the top should be all the same (or alternating with another style).  A pattern should emerge rather than every thing being random.

This customer was able to unscrew the candle holders from the body of this beautiful silver candelabra in order to add bobeches and prisms.  

Shop our collection of chandelier pendants for ideas on what might look best on your chandeliers.  Or, feel free to email us a photo, and we will make suggestions. 

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