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Chandelier of the Week – Rosalie 0

You have to love a crystal chandelier that is elegant, sparkly, and easy to maintain. Our featured chandelier this week, the Rosalie, has only a smattering of crystal pendants, but these pendants are large Swarovski almonds so they pack quite a punch. The Rosalie is gorgeous the way it is, but is easily customizable. For … Continue reading Chandelier of the Week – Rosalie

Sunlight on Swarovski 0

Working here is great any day of the week, but late afternoon, as the sun shines through the window and directly onto a perfectly faceted piece of Swarovski Elements on one of our crystal chandeliers, the showroom turns magical. My iPhone does not capture the intensity of the colors, but imagine a treasure chest full … Continue reading Sunlight on Swarovski

Chandelier of the Week – King 0

I love choosing our Chandelier of the Week! It gives me a moment to reflect on particular chandeliers and the customers that purchased them. The King, sometimes called the King 3245, and previously called the 12+6 (12 lower lights and 6 upper lights) and even before that, called the 12+6 FA, is our choice this … Continue reading Chandelier of the Week – King