About Our Classic Collection

Our Classic Collection of chandeliers and sconces includes some of our oldest original designs and even a few inspired by antique fixtures.  Our goal when designing these is to create a light that folks will assume is an heirloom - a chandelier or sconce that has been passed down through generations.

The crystals on these are not quite as brilliant as those in our Signature Collections, but they are still impressive.  You will see various shapes and styles of hanging crystal (including between arm festooning and arm to arm festooning, and as always, we can make changes or additions (or subtractions) to your taste.  

Most of these chandeliers are made with a ribbed arm - a bit plainer than the rope arm used on the Signature series.  We have included a few solid brass bodied fixtures that are similar to our Victorian Collection, but without the true Victorian details.

You will notice that many of these chandeliers have what we call "between arm festoons".  These between arm festoons are two strands of crystal octagons flowing down to each of the lower arms from the top, or near top, of the chandelier.  

Some of these chandeliers have "arm to arm" festoons that, literally, festoon the chandelier from the front of one arm to the front of the next - encircling the chandelier - with an additional almond added to the front of the lower arm.

Our Classic Collection is that perfect mix of luxury and gentility.  Truly, no one will know that your light fixture is not a well maintained antique!

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