Between Arm Festoons

We offer an unparalleled design in what we call "between arm festoons".  Between arm festoons are the strands of crystal that start near the top of the chandelier and gently sweep to beneath the lower arms.  For each arm, there are 2 strands that are joined together at a central piece and then hook to one of the bobeches (bowls) on the stem of the chandelier.  The strands then "straddle" the space between the arms and hook to loops underneath the bobeche on the arm. Most chandelier makers just use one strand or 2 strands hooked together very low on the chandeliers. The effects of our method of using these strands are thousands of additional facets to refract and sparkle.

We can add or remove festoons from any of our chandeliers.  If you are thinking of adding, please call us (336-623-6188) to discuss so that we can make sure everything works together as it should.  

Crystal Chandelier Raleigh