About Our Signature Collection

Our Signature Collection is uniquely trimmed - recognizable by our distinctive chandelier crystal arrangements that are more generous than other brands.  

The majority of crystals hanging on the chandeliers and sconces in this collection are comprised of 1.5" full cut, highly refractive almonds with three coordinating octagons attached.  This unique crystal pendant, the King's Signature 3-button almond, has close to 200 facets, and it is the foundation of these designs.

Within our Signature Collection of chandeliers and sconces, we use an arm that has a twist pattern.  This twist pattern is the perfect accent to the highly refractive nature of the collection.  If you prefer the plainer, ribbed arm of the Classic Collection, just let us know and we can change this element to your preference.

You will notice that many of these chandeliers have what we call "between arm festoons".  These between arm festoons are two strands of crystal octagons flowing down to each of the lower arms from the top, or near top, of the chandelier.  This results in thousands of facets of crystal - adding unbelievable sparkle.

In addition to the between arm festoons, some of our chandeliers have "arm to arm" festoon that, literally, festoon the chandelier from the front of one arm to the front of the next - encircling the chandelier - with an additional almond added to the front of the lower arm.

All of these unique design touches are what make our Signature collection of chandeliers, sconces, and candelabra unrivaled in sparkle! 

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