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Tools of the Trade - Cutting Pliers 0

When cutting pins out of chandelier crystals, the easiest tool to use is a pair of small cutting pliers.  The smaller the edges, the faster you can clip.  

small cutting pliers for cutting crystal pins

These are available in the tool section of most hardware stores, but I find the smaller ones in jewelry making departments of hobby stores to be a bit easier to manipulate.  



Tools of the Trade - Needle Nose Pliers 0

We couldn't be crystal chandelier makers without these little guys!  If you want to tackle any crystal pinning or re-pinning project, you will need these pliers. And, they are great to have on hand for small bits of repair work.

The best ones have a medium length nose. If the nose is too long and slim, you will have difficulty manipulating harder pins.  If the nose isn't slim enough, you will be unable to grip the tiny pin heads. 

Here is my perfect pair of needle nose pliers:

needle nose pliers for pining chandelier crystal

These have a built-in cutting edge for cutting pins and handles that spring making for easy grip.   I personally like the soft covered handles, though others like the harder covered handles.  Around here, we tend to put our name on our favorite tools!

You can purchase these types of pliers in the tool section of most hardware stores. You can also find them in hobby stores in the jewelry making department.  

 Happy pinning!



Tools of the Trade - Roundnose Pliers 0

How do you get those little crystal pins between your chandelier crystals round?  With roundnose pliers!  We call these curling pliers because we use them primarily to make the pins curl around each other when connecting crystals together.  

round nose curling pliers

These have smooth grippers with nothing to leave a mark, and the tips graduate for options on sizing your loops. These are the perfect tool for reworking or repairing any pinning between crystals or on your chandelier. 

If you can't find them in the tool section of your hardware store, you may be able to find them in the jewelry marking section of a craft or home store. 


Check Out More Pics! 0

If you are looking for more photos of our chandeliers and sconces, we have a few places for you to look.  

You can scroll through our page of photos that have been sent to us by our wonderful customers.  Also, make sure to look through our blog posts

Every now and again we run across photos of rooms that include our chandeliers - photos that are more professional in nature.  When we catch sight of them, we pin them to one of our Pinterest boards which you can see here

And, if you are a Houzz lover, make sure to look at our idea board, Our Customers' Beautiful Rooms.  

We love receiving those photos, so if you have one of our chandeliers or are purchasing one in the future, please send us a photo showing the chandelier in your room!  

Chandeliers & Crystal Rainbows 0

Late afternoon in the chandelier showroom is so beautiful.  The strong rays of the Sun concentrate to force their way through the crystals that are hanging around on the chandeliers.  That light then bends on the way out through a different facet of the crystal and the result is a rainbow I can almost touch.

rainbows and crystals 

Who wouldn't love working in this?  These photos were taken in our gorgeous "Strass" room where the Swarovski crystals, combined with sun beams, create the most intense refraction. 


A magical sight for any day.

Lighting the Victorian Home 0

quoted in Victorian Homes

The lovely Victorian Homes magazine was kind enough to use us as an expert reference in a recent editorial.  If you love Victorian decor, make sure to check  out the Fall 2017 issue for helpful tips from us and other lighting experts. 

Given that Victorian decor can be on the heavier, more ornate side, the right kind of lighting is important.

Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Layer your lighting. A multi-light center chandelier gives gorgeous ambient lighting and accentuates your period decor at the same time.  Continue with as many floor and table lamps as your Victorian room can handle.  Add a small accent lamps in the Tiffany style to bookshelves and desks to brighten corners. Use an electric candle stick or candelabra to add more lamp, yet look different than a lamp. 

2. Look for white fabric on the interior of lamp shades. Because so many Victorian style lamp shades are made of heavy, layered, or printed fabrics, a light colored lining will help brighten the effect.

3. Add wall sconces. Not only are wall sconces an additional layer of light, but a gas reproduction adds authenticity to the Victorian decor. 

For more Victorian decorating ideas, follow Victorian Homes.