Information on Mounting

  • Chandelier Length: The listed length for each chandelier is approximate and, due to the nature of blown materials, may vary by an inch or two. We measure from the top of the stem to the very bottom of the ball or pendant. If you are working with a tight fit, please mention to us what you need - in most cases we can shorten the chandelier to your specifications. Chandeliers can be lengthened as well. 

  • Chain: All of our chandeliers are made to hang by chain - please note that this chain is not shown on the chandeliers in the product photos nor is it included in the measurements. One foot of chain comes with each chandelier, but you can order as much or as little as you need. With additional chain, we ensure that the main wire from the chandelier and the grounding wire have a corresponding length. If you are unsure of how much you need, see What Size is right for Me or contact us for assistance. The smallest amount of chain that can be used is 1 link. This link, combined with the ceiling hardware, has a total length of 4".  Add 4" to the listed length of the chandelier to figure out the minimum length to be mounted.


  • Flush Mount: Some of our chandeliers can be made to be flush mounted. Most of the Victorian Reproductions, the Melanie, and the Coventry can be made for flush mount with the top plate of the chandelier directly against the ceiling. If you desire flush mounting, please contact us to place your order. The all crystal (crystal bodied) chandeliers are not able to be flushmounted.

  • Pipe to the ceiling: For a very authentic look, particularly on the Victorian Reproductions, many clients request that the chandeliers be made with a pipe to the ceiling instead of a chain. If you desire this look, please contact us to place your order. You will need to know exactly how far from ceiling the chandelier plus hardware should hang.  A word about pipe and flush mounting .. Although it looks authentic, this type of mounting for a chandelier can be difficult. Your chandelier will have NO give - you will not be able to move it at all, so extra care must be given when cleaning or changing bulbs. We don't recommend this for the all crystal (crystal bodied) chandeliers.

  • Ceiling Hardware:  Your chandelier comes with a screw loop, cross bar, and a 5" diameter drop canopy plus desired chain. Unless you request otherwise, the finish for your ceiling hardware is the same as your chandelier.