Custom Chandelier and Sconce Design

Custom Crystal ChandelierCustom Creations

All of our chandeliers and sconces are made to order, and we are happy to change them to accommodate your home. Some changes are very simple – a little shorter, a little taller, for example. Or perhaps, you see a component on another chandelier that you want to use on the fixture that you’ve selected. Simply call or email with your requests and we will let you know what is possible.

For example, if you love the Chandelier 8+4 Medium, but you would like a bit less crystal on it, we can remove the arm to arm festoons and charge you a bit less for the chandelier. Or, if you want to make it 4” taller, we can suggest a few ways that we can do that.  Most of our chandeliers can be customized to suit your space.

Besides changing the length of a chandelier, the most common request is to change the type of pendant. We can interchange any of our pendants, or mix them up within a chandelier.

Custom BaronIf you love a design in the Signature collection but would like to use a pendant from the Classic collection, let us know and we will price your custom chandelier. Perhaps you have a photo of an antique chandelier you would like to duplicate. Send us that photo. We will let you know if we can, or how close to the original that we can get. 

If you need a sconce to coordinate with your existing chandelier, send us a photo of your chandelier along with your ideas for a sconce. Have a question or suggestion or need a quote? Call us at (336) 623-6188 or send us your ideas. 

You may email photos directly to Written inquiries may be made to King's Chandelier Co., 1023 Friendly Rd, Eden NC 27288.