Which Crystal Trimmings Should You Choose

Which Crystal Trimmings Should You Choose?
By “Trimmings” we mean the dangling bits and pieces. 

Swarovski Strass:  Crystal chandeliers and sconces trimmed in Swarovski Strass (also called Swarovski Elements) are the pinnacle of luxurious lighting. Each piece of this top-quality, Austrian crystal is optically pure, highly polished and precisely cut. The vibrancy, brilliance and perfection of these trimmings are unmatched. In addition, these crystals have a protective, invisible coating that retards dust making for a low maintenance crystal. Strass is the perfect and sustainable alternative to full lead crystal. 


Swarovski Spectra:  The lower priced Swarovski Spectra is manufactured with the same attention to quality and precision from carefully selected raw components. These trimmings provide beautiful clarity with slightly lower brilliance. Spectra is the best mid-range crystal on the market.


Classic Trimmings:  In the tradition of old-style European crystal, these crystal chandeliers have an appearance of ages past. They will remind you of an heirloom chandelier - lovely and ornate, but without the brilliance and clarity of modern crystal. If you are looking for the charm and heritage quality of an antique, these are for you. These traditional crystal chandeliers and matching crystal wall sconces are quite popular with historical renovators, as well as those looking for more modestly priced lighting. 


Regardless of which trimmings you choose, King´s takes great pride in providing a crystal framework, made of the finest pieces we can source, designed and assembled by our experienced artisans.