Specializing in Crystal Chandeliers and Sconces, Direct, Since 1935

When you order from us, each piece of your crystal chandelier or sconce is hand picked, inspected, and matched by our dedicated craftsman. Your fixture is built just for you and shipped to your door. If any breakage occurs during shipping, King's Chandelier will replace the broken component pieces with no cost to you.

Whether you are searching for a large, Asfour crystal chandelier or a small, more traditionally styled sconce, our crystal experts are just a phone call away. We can offer advice on size and style or guide you in customization details. If you have a special request regarding ceiling mounts or shipping, just call us!

Most importantly, after you receive your purchase, we are happy to talk to you about installation or maintenance - even 20 years from now.

Enjoy shopping our online store, or if you are shopping for a custom chandelier or have any questions, contact one of our design specialists at (336) 623-6188.