Assembly Information

We make every effort to ensure that our products arrive at your door with no damage.  To achieve that result, all of our fixtures are shipped with some level of assembly required.  All fixtures include complete and illustrated instructions but below is a quick overview of the All Crystal Chandeliers, Tier Models, Victorian Chandeliers, and Sconces.


All Crystal Chandeliers

The all-crystal chandeliers are packed with the arms separate from the main stem of the chandelier.  These crystal arms arms are wired and assembled - from the socket to the ferule that fits into the plate on the stem. 

To assemble and install the chandelier, you will install the chain/canopy and attach the stem (which is all one assembled piece unless you order a very large chandelier) to the chain.  The stem terminates in a steel plate with holes into which you will place the arms according to your specific instructions. 


After connecting these split and stripped wires, you will screw the bottom onto the underside of the chandelier to cover them. 

Last step will be placing the trimmings (strands and hanging crystal) according to your very specific instructions. (Despite the illustration above, it is best to wait until the chandelier is completely assembled and wired before attaching any of the trimmings).


Tier Model Chandeliers

The Tier Model chandeliers (Zelda shown above) are shipped intact.  Installation is limited to installing chain/canopy and attaching the frame of this fixture to it.  You will finish by attaching prisms to the bands.


Victorian Chandeliers

These brass fixtures are shipped with the frames divided into 3 pieces:  stem, main body, bottom ball.  You will install the chain/ canopy first, then screw the stem to the main body and hang it on the chain.  Last step of the frame assembly is screwing the bottom to the body. 

Final steps are attaching the hanging crystals and placing the shades.



Sconces are similar to the chandeliers in that the All Crystal Sconces are shipped with the arms and the crystal separate from the sconce backs.  The Victorian Sconces are shipped intact but with the shades and trimmings to be placed after installation.


We have strived to make unpacking, assembly, and installation of our fixtures as easy as possible, but if you are having problems, don't hesitate to call us.