Our Showroom in Eden NC

Although our specialty is crystal chandeliers, made to order, we offer many other products and services.

We are a showroom, a store, and an old-fashioned shop. Bring your lamps for repair or come pick out a new shade.

We are located at 729 S. Van Buren Rd. (Hwy 14) Eden NC.  Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9-5 and Saturday 10-2. 

We offer whole house lighting - lighting for your:

  • Vanity and Bath
  • Kitchen and Island
  • Casual Dining Fixtures
  • Table and Floor Lamps
  • Hallway and Bedroom Fixtures
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting



Other products include:

  • Chandelier Parts & Bulbs
  • Lamp Parts, Lamp Shades, & Lamp Finials
  • Home Accessories
  • Gift Items & Greeting Cards 


In addition, we perform lamp and chandelier repair/restoration and packing services, as well as simple lamp repair.


If you are planning to bring a fixture for restoration, we may be unable to give you an estimate on the spot, but we will call you as soon as possible with information.